Chengdu College, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) held the 2021 student commendation meeting

12 31, 2021
On December 30, Chengdu College, UCAS held an award ceremony to commend the 2021 Dean's scholarship of Chengdu Branch, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the outstanding student leaders and social activists of Chengdu College, UCAS.
Ding Sheng, Jiang Yun and Dong Wufan, the representatives of the prize winners, made speeches, saying that they would be determined to combine their personal ideals with the future of the motherland, shoulder the responsibilities of young people, and strive to be aspirants, pioneers and devotees of the times.
The tutors of the institutions, the Education Department of Chengdu Branch, and Chengdu College issued certificates to the students. The prize winners and student representatives participated in the event.