The student union of Chengdu College, UCAS attended the 14th plenary session of the Chengdu Students Federation

01 11, 2022

The 14th plenary session of the Chengdu Youth Federation (CDYF) and the Chengdu Students Federation opened at the Jin Niu Hotel in Chengdu, December 23, 2021. The student union of Chengdu College, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended the session as a specially invited delegation.

Shi Xiaoling, the secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, extended her warm congratulations on the opening of the session and heartfelt greetings to all the students from different sectors and ethnic groups. Wu Kai, the secretary of the Chengdu Municipal Committee of the CPC, attended the meeting and delivered an address. At the session, the committee heard and deliberated the work reports of the 13th congress of CDYF and the Chengdu Students Federation.

Under the theme of the conference “Happy Chengdu, to build a shared future”, our student leaders carefully studied the spirits of the conference and discussed multiple topics, including “learning and disseminating the philosophy of the 6th plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee”, “intellectual and moral standard building”, and “joining hands to shaping urbanization for youth”. They also offered suggestions on urban planning and promoting innovative development of cities.

The youth have been determined to set out on a journey of building China a science and technology giant, and making confidence strides on the path towards the rejuvanation of the nation.