Member Of Cas And Cae
Xiangang Luo

  Highest educationPhD


  • Doctor

  • Research professor
  • Supervisor of Ph.D candidate
  • Winner of "National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars"
  • Awardees of "100 Talents Program"
  • Chief scientist of "973 program"
  • Director of State Key Laboratory of Optical Technologies for Microfabrication
  • Vice present of Sichuan Youth Association for Science and Technology


  He attends many state and provincial programs, including micro-lithography, surface plasmas etc., which attracts attentions of the industries and companies of Nikon and Canon.


  • Optical technologies for micro-fabrication

  • Micro-optics
  • Surface plasmas optics
  • Biomimetic photon
  • Light, small optical device and system